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Bonfire of the Vanities (SPOILERS)


This episode continued Sadie and Sergio’s storyline.  I like the character of Sergio because he challenges Sadie, acknowledging the fact that she’s super insecure and forcing her to admit it.  Sergio is the first character to pull back her layers and force her into this vulnerable state.  I’m glad the writers created Sergio for this purpose.  Sadie is the most interesting character in “Awkward,” and I like learning about her complexity.

This episode was anticlimactic.  When it ended, I remembered thinking, “wait, is that it?”  The episode ended with no resolution.  Yes, Matty burned the phonebook, but he and Jenna didn’t officially make up.  And Jenna also just threw Owen aside.  Tamara didn’t even find out about him.  Does that mean it’s just over with Owen and will no longer be addressed?  I just wasn’t satisfied with the ending of “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

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