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C is for Couldn’t be More Repetitive


I’m starting to get bored with “A to Z.”  It’s the same story every time: boy and girl act like a disgustingly perfect couple, then boy and girl question everything, get really jealous, and embarrass themselves, ending with boy and girl finding a resolution and going back to acting like a perfect couple.  This was fine the first two episodes, but now its starting to drag on, and it makes the show repetitive.

One thing that doesn’t help is that I don’t like many of the characters.  Lydia is my favorite, and Andrew and Zelda are okay, but their best friends, Stu and Stephie are annoying.  And Dinesh and Lora (the IT specialists) are just weird.  None of the characters are that interesting to me, so the storylines are falling flat.  The writers need to create more unique storylines or make the characters more likable… both would be great!

At least we were able to see Andrew and Zelda on actual dates together,  I still don’t think they have enough one-on-one time, and I want to see more specific interactions between them.  I believe that they do like each other, but I don’t know why yet, and I want to see that.

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