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Shall We Play a Game? (SPOILERS)


Oh my goodness!  Barry has friends!  That means there are three other people just like him!  JTP was hilarious and acted like most high school boys.  I’ve seen both high school and college boys do the gallon milk challenge, fight each other, and destroy things for fun and to pass time.  As crazy as boys can be, JTP were totally realistic and relatable even to boys today.

My favorite part of this episode was when Adam tricked JTP into studying.  It was subtle and clever.  I felt like I was the kid in the back of the room, watching it all unfold and covering my mouth to hide my giggles and not expose what was actually going on.  This episode made me respect Adam more and find Barry even funnier.

Erica finally had a substantial storyline this episode.  It focused on her relationship with her mother, most particularly, Bev’s attempt to get closer to her.  Out of all the siblings, Erica has had the fewest interactions with the Goldberg parents.  It was refreshing to see Erica interact with them and see how her parents influence her.

“Shall We Play A Game?” might be my favorite episode to date!

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