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#drama (SPOILERS)


I’d just like to repeat that Tamara is my favorite character on “Awkward.”  In “#drama,” Tamara and Jenna got in a fight over Owen.  Tamara is the kind of friend that almost every girl has at least once in her life.  A friend that isn’t afraid to be honest with her and challenge her, but also admires her above anyone else.  Jenna and Tamara’s relationship in “#drama” felt very natural, and I could easily relate.

I understood why Tamara got mad at Jenna; however, I was a bit confused that Tamara wasn’t the least bit angry with Owen.  Jenna kicked Owen to the curb, so he went and hooked up with Tamara.  Later, Owen thought that Jenna was the one who put “#secrethottywithabody” on the “Dude Database;” however, Jenna had already dumped him and he was hooking up with Tamara.  Why wouldn’t Owen think that Tamara wrote it?  Also, Owen kissed Jenna on the cheek after all of this.  If I were Tamara, I would be far more angry with Owen than Jenna.  He was the one who treated Tamara like a sloppy second, not Jenna.  The script had a few discrepancies when it came to this storyline that just didn’t make sense to me.

In regards to Owen, I am glad that the writers continued his storyline.  I was afraid that it wasn’t going to continue after the previous episode.  At least now, we have some closure.

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