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The actors are great at establishing the characters’ relationships in this show.  In “Resurrection,” the returned come back at the age they were when they died.  And many of the returned are related.  Because of this, the ages are skewed.  However, the actors still maintain the characters’ correct relationships.  For example, Henry’s mother, Margaret, returned this season.  While Kurtwood Smith, who plays Henry, is older than Michelle Fairley, who plays Margaret, they were still able to portray a mother-son relationship.  Because of the actor’s performances, I found this relationship believable and not the least bit odd or uncomfortable.  I was able to suspend my disbelief.

I’m glad that Fred did not apologize to Elaine for his inappropriate behavior towards her.  This was completely realistic.  Fred was probably too embarrassed to even mention his past behavior.  He wanted to move on, not accepting what had happened.  Or he might have been too drunk to even remember what he had done.  The writers made the right choice to not have Fred apologize to Elaine.  Too often, TV shows and movies have these touching scenes when people forgive each other, which does happen in real life, but not all the time.  “Resurrection” isn’t cheesy like that.  It shows how a person would really react in this type of situation.

My favorite scene in “Echoes” was when Lucille lied on her bed and confessed to Henry that even though she may present herself as being overly grateful about Jacob’s return, she’s also overwhelmed and tired.  While she is happy, Lucille mentioned how it is still a lot for her to handle.  Lucille was feeling an array of complex emotions.  Once again, the creative team showed us another individual’s unique reaction to the returned.  While it’s hard to put into words, I know I have been in a similar place to Lucille before: feeling overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.

Nowadays, in almost every drama on TV, there is a love affair.  And while “Resurrection” has the potential, the writers have strayed away from writing an affair.  Tom has not (yet) cheated on his wife with Rachael.  Instead, Tom as remained loyal to Janine.  This makes me respect him more.  And it’s refreshing to see a male character take responsibility for his marriage.

I love how every episode of “Resurrection” ends with a cliffhanger.  It makes me eager to watch the next episode.  This episode, the cliffhanger was when Margaret found the bones under the factory… what does this mean?

I wish the character of Maggie had a personality.  She just seems too perfect.  She’s nice to everyone (except her father sometimes) and always does the right thing.  I want to see her flaw.  The writers need to flesh out her character more.

In “Echoes,” it was unclear as to how many dead birds Jacob was harboring.  I believe it was more than one based on the characters lines; however, it difficult to see.  The technical team could have easily cleared this up with different shots and camera angles.

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