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D is for Disguise Your Feelings (SPOILERS)


My favorite scene in “D is for Debbie” was when Zelda broke down and cried at the restaurant.  It was a touching scene, but I couldn’t help laughing out loud.  The creative team made the scene comedic, keeping true to the genre.  Zelda is one of the funniest criers; she’s loud and squints her eyes, looking almost angry.  And it was humorous to watch the other restaurant guests’ reactions and how they made Andrew embarrassed.  I was thoroughly entertained.

I want to piggyback off of my previous comment about Andrew being genuine and not a bad boy.  What I also love about this show is that Andrew is the emotional one in the relationship, not Zelda.  This reverses the usual stereotypes.  It makes me appreciate Andrew more.  He’s “the best to bring home to mom and dad”- very friendly and open to everyone he meets.  Zelda is more reserved, allowing a different group of women to relate to her.

“A to Z” improved this episode by straying a few steps from the repetitive path. Let’s hope the episodes continue to become more original.

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