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Shorthanded (SPOILERS)


“Scorpion” is not repetitive.  “Shorthanded” was different from the previous three episodes in that it involved a private consultation instead of a government operation.  The team travelled to Vegas to aid a struggling casino, but were later framed for a robbery.  This was a unique storyline.  Sometimes these cop/spy shows can be so repetitive- the same formula each episode.  I hope the creators continue to make “Scorpion” unique.

The “Scorpion” geniuses have continued to amaze with their intelligence.  This episode, Walter used heat sensors to detect casino-goers’ foot traffic patterns.  We also watched Walter escape from jail using chlorine from a toiler freshener and cloth from a rayon shirt.  I’m sure the creators made this look much easier than it actually is, but it was still fascinating and different.  I learned something new.

I liked seeing the characters interact more this episode.  In particular, Toby and Walter had prominent storylines.  We learned about their relationship, specifically that Walter has had to rescue Toby from situations involving his gambling addiction time and time again.  Two other characters that interacted a lot were Happy and Paige.  They hadn’t interacted one-on-one in previous episodes.  I’ve always been curious about these two since they are the only two girls.  And while they still aren’t BFFLs, I was glad to see the start of their friendship.

“Shorthanded” was definitely predictable.  It was obvious that Scorpion was going to run into some troubles after Cabe had warned Walter not to accept any private business deals.  So, I was not surprised when everything went wrong and then Cabe showed up at the end to save the day.  This predictability made the episode less exciting.

“Scorpion” is definitely an action drama.  The episodes aren’t engraved with any deep themes or metaphors.  And the character aren’t too complex.  But there are lots of explosions, chasing, and investigating.

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