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Halloween V (SPOILERS)


By far, the best part of “Halloween V” was Lebron, the feather-salesman.  Every time Axl said the word “feather-salesman,” I couldn’t help but laugh because Axl was being so serious.

Speaking of Lebron, the feather-salesman, the scene with him and Axl was very poignant and unlike anything we’ve ever seen on “The Middle.”  Axl broke down, revealing his concerns about his future. He was on the verge of tears.  This scene was both touching and truthful.  It also highlighted Charlie McDermott’s (who plays Axl) acting.

Brad is definitely one of the best characters on this show.  I was amazed with his Halloween costume this year: half Sandy, half Danny from “Grease.”  Great job done by the costume crew to create this perfect costume for Brad.

Brick’s scenes were extremely awkward in “Halloween V,” even more awkward than usual.  I felt so uncomfortable watching his scenes.  I know that Brick has always been odd, but this episode went too far for me.  I didn’t find Brick’s storyline any bit entertaining.

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