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Multiple (SPOILERS)


I’ve noticed in several episodes now that the director, Ron Underwood, likes to film artistic camera shots, which I actually appreciate.  The art of directing can sometimes be lost on tv show where the goal is entertainment.  In “Multiple,” the first shot after the title scene was of a bubbling white liquid.  It almost looked like sea-foam.  The next shot showed an egg frying in a frying pan, zooming out from the previous shot.  This image was both fascinating and beautiful. This episode had a strong focus on Carl.  We found out that Carl has an abusive brother who keeps dying and returning, causing Carl severe torment and distress.  Carl was never a central character in “Resurrection” until this episode so I found it random that the episode was so focused on him.  It was also confusing.  My assumption was that his storyline was put in the show to illustrate yet another way the returned have affected the living.  And while it was a new and intriguing situation, I wish it about a character I actually knew.  I hope there was a legitimate reason behind Carl’s storyline and will be a stronger focus on him in future episodes.  Or else his storyline was just a waste if time, taking away from the characters that really matter. “Resurrection” takes itself a little too seriously.  Especially after watching Carl’s storyline, it’s obvious that “Resurrection” is very dark.  In fact, it occasionally gave me nightmares last season.  I understand that “Resurrection” tackles serious issues; however, I wish it had a little humor just to lighten the mood every now and then. Who else thought that Elaine’ s conversation with Agent Bellamy about Maggie’s cleaning habits was odd?  It just felt a bit unnatural to me and too specific.  I understand that the dialogue was used to illustrate the sexual tension between Maggie and Agent Bellamy, but it could have been written better.

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