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The New Character Deal


It was an interesting take comparing the lack of romance at Palos Hills to FDR’s New Deal in “The New Sex Deal.”  It was a smart comparison and also reminded us that these characters are in high school and taking classes- something that constantly gets forgotten in high school TV shows.

I do not understand the purpose of the two gay guys in “Awkward.”  The only thing I know about these two characters is that they’re gay.  Their storylines are unimportant, which isn’t fair to these two characters and actors.  Another character that has lost her purpose is Lissa.  The whole God storyline is both extreme and overdone.  Does Lissa think about anything else?  Also, her and Sadie rarely interact anymore.  I’m starting to find her character just as useless as the two gay guys.  The writers are taking time away from the characters that actually matter.  Writers, please put us out of our misery and write these characters out of the show or actually spend time to develop them.

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