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Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer, makes acting look like second nature.  The big twist in “Ergo Ego” was when Dr. Adam McAndrews reported Nurse Jackson (played by Octavia Spencer), resulting in her suspension.  When McAndrews confronted her, he mentioned her big ego.  So, Jackson left with her head held high.  We watched as she entered the elevator and waited for the doors to close to deliver her to her suspension.  Jackson’s face was stern, but her eyes flickered in the light, revealing the tears she was trying to conceal.  Spencer’s was amazing at portraying a prideful character who was breaking under her facade.

Zoe Levin, who plays Kara, performed well at acting suddenly blind.  It’s hard for someone’s eyes to not become fixed on something.  Levin kept her eyes wide open, illustrating Kara’s inability to see and her fear.  I believed that Kara was actually blind in that moment.

Kara is still my favorite character in “Red Band Society.”  She always has the most interesting storylines; they’re not annoying or superficial like some of the other storylines on this show *cough* *cough* love triangle *cough* *cough*.  Kara has also shown so much development so far this season.

While I’m not a fan of the love triangle, Emma’s dilemma was relatable.  Constantly, people fall for someone, but they make excuses to not give in to their feelings.  It’s a battle of the heart and mind, not wanting to be with the person and being attracted to him/her.  Instead of Emma falling for both boys (which constantly happens in literature/film nowadays), she only fell for one.  I liked this aspect of the love triangle.

Finally, they’ve added more doctors this episode: the chief, played by Mandy Moore, and Kara’s heart surgeon.  I hope new doctors continue to be added because it still makes absolutely no sense that Dr. McAndrews is both Charlie’s neurologist and Leo and Jordi’s oncologist.

Unlike past episodes we’ve seen, “Ergo Ego” literally started where the previous episode left off- the patients were on the roof, looking at Dash’s artwork.  It was a bit confusing after a two-week hiatus and needing to remember exactly what had been happening in this scene.  On the plus side, this did inform us more as to the pacing of the show, clueing us in that each episode takes place in about a 24-hour period.

“Ergo Ego” was a bit too dramatic.  Usually I like the soundtrack to each “Red Band Society” episode, but I didn’t like the placement of “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea in this episode.  While I do love that song, it made the scene it was placed in very exaggerated.  “Black Widow” was played when the patients walked down the hall after visiting Kara.  Emma led the charge while Leo and Jordi walked behind her.  As they walked, the boys eyes shifting from staring longingly at Emma to glaring at each other.  We watched this as the lyrics “I’m gonna love you/Until you hate me” blared.  This scene made me cringe.  I’m sorry, directors, but that was a poor choice- a bit over the top.

Jordi is a drama queen.  Did anyone else think it was completely over dramatic when Jordi tossed his red band off the roof?  As the music picked up, Jordi stood on the edge of the roof, ripped the red band from his wrist, and dropped it into the night sky.  He completely brushed aside kind Dash who was attempting to stop him.  1) Jordi just met Emma; why is he so invested in her?  2) Does the red band really have that much significance yet?  This was yet another scene that should have been approached differently.

I hope that this love triangle is finally over and does not continue to make an appearance in future episodes.

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