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The Mole: Digging Into Trouble (SPOILERS)


The best scene in “The Mole” was when Peralta and Holt sat in Holt’s study while wearing pajamas and trying to figure out who the mole was.  I always enjoy dialogue between these two characters because they have such different personalities.  I laughed throughout the whole scene.

The best line in this episode was when Terry said, “They’re going to be twin presidents.  They’ll either run as one person and trick everyone, or they’ll run as two and serve for sixteen consecutive years.  It’s a damn dynasty.”  He was talking about his two daughters, the people Terry cares most about in his life.  In each episode, the writers find a way to include references to Terry’s daughters.  I love how the writers created a very macho character who puts his children above all else.  Terry is both masculine and nurturing.

It was totally obvious that Peralta and Santiago would walk in on Gina and Boyle.  The creators made the perfect set up: Peralta and Santiago driving around at night, wanting to go to Gina’s apartment; Gina not answering her phone; Peralta and Santiago deciding to go anyways.  I was fully prepared for what was going to ensue.  Because of how predictable this was, the scene was less funny and exciting as it could have been.  I would have enjoyed it more if it came up as a surprise- not expecting them to run into Gina and Boyle.

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