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“He Deserved to Die” – Rebecca, Duh #WhoKilledSam (SPOILERS)


It’s official; “How to Get Away with Murder” is my favorite TV show of the fall.  It’s got drama, suspense, and humor.  And has an array of unique and interesting characters.  I’m starting to become addicted; after each episode ends, I crave the next one.

Connor is one of the only gay characters on TV who’s storyline is not dictated by his sexuality.  Connor has been accepted by all of the characters on the show so far despite his sexuality, teaching the audience how gay people should be treated- no different from anyone else.  “How to Get Away with Murder” is progressive, taking a step in the direction where shows should be going when it comes to portraying homosexuality.

An interesting set of scenes in “He Deserved to Die” was the alternation between the sex scene with Wes and Rebecca and the autopsy of Lila.  I liked the contrast of these two scenes transitioning from one to the another back and forth.  It was symbolic.  All three characters were stripped down.  This was a great choice made by the directors.

Wes finally opened up in “He Deserved to Die.”  We learned that he’s from Haiti, loves mint chocolate chip ice cream (good choice!), and lost his mom when he was twelve.  We learned more about Wes in this one scene than any of his previous scenes combined.  Now that I understand why Wes was so closed-off before, he might start to grow on me.  I hope we learn even more about Wes as the season progresses.

This big question in “How to Get Away with Murder” is finding out who killed Sam.  The creators are already counting down to the mid-season finale by creating the hashtag, #WhoKilledSam, where fans can postulate their ideas on social media.  There’s only one problem with that; in “He Deserved to Die,” Rebecca confessed that she killed Sam.  While at the hotel in present time, Rebecca said, “He wanted to kill me.  I had no other choice.  I had to kill him or he was going to kill me.  I saw the trophy sitting there.  I hit him in the head.  He deserved to die.  And I’m glad he’s dead.”  Rebecca literally said that she killed Sam and gave a bit of a reason as to why she did it.  Why are we waiting until the mid-season finale to find out #WhoKilledSam?  The creators must have made a mistake by either 1) revealing the killer too early or 2) having Rebecca say she’s the killer when she isn’t (which doesn’t make sense).  I’m curious as to how this is all going to unfold.

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