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Girl Rules (SPOILERS)


“Girl Rules” resurfaced the tension between Jenna and her mom.  Jenna found out that her mother, Lacey, not only applied to the same college as her, but got in over her.  In this situation, I felt for both Jenna and Lacey.  If I were in Jenna shoes, I would feel horrible.  But at the same time, I’m happy for Lacey and am impressed that her character is developing.  I’m glad the writers revisited Jenna and Lacey’s relationship and created a new interesting storyline for both characters.

The scenes with Tamara and Sadie in “Girl Rules” were just horrible.  The dialogue was forced and rough.  The writing was amateur, and the actors didn’t deliver either.  It was just a mess of a storyline and brought down the quality of the episode.  The writers need to step up their gear and create interesting and substantial subplots.

In contrast to this, Jenna’s inner monologue is what caught my interest in “Awkward” since the very first episode.  Jenna speaks truths about the thoughts and emotions teenage girls experience.  The writers need to focus on this storytelling element, bringing it to other characters and situations.

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