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Things You Can’t Outrun (SPOILERS)


In “Things You Can’t Outrun,” we saw what happened at Star Labs the night the particle accelerator exploded.  We found out how Caitlin lost Ronnie and that Cisco was the one who had to close the door leaving Ronnie inside the accelerator.  That gave me a whole new perspective on Caitlin and Cisco’s relationship.  We also learned that Dr. Harrison Wells was responsible for the explosion, knowing that Barry would become the Flash as a result of it.  I’m glad that we have more back story on the explosion and the Star Labs characters.

“The Flash” is saturated with cheesy dialogue.  It makes me cringe sometimes.  The lines can be overly philosophical and sentimental.  It’s obvious that the writers are trying to teach their viewers lessons on strength, friendship, fear, etc, but it doesn’t have to be so heavy handed.  I hope the writers makes the dialogue less formal and more natural.

Regardless of this, the actors do their best to rise above the dialogue, and most succeed.  I am impressed by the performances of both Grant Gustin, who plays Barry, and Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe.  Martin just makes Joe feel like second nature.  He fully embodies the character.  And in particular, he has great chemistry with Gustin.  In this episode, Gustin shined again in a scene when Barry visited his father in prison.  Barry broke down, expressing his longing for his mother.  Barry’s eyes filled with tears as he smiled remembering his late mother.  His posture slouched, as he rested his face on the phone for support.  Gustin acted with his full body in this scene.  He continues to impress me.

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