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Jake and Sophia (SPOILERS)


I’m glad that the writers created a love interest for Peralta other than Santiago because we all know that if Peralta and Santiago ever get together, it won’t be until a few seasons in.  The creators are exploring other storylines and introducing new characters in the meantime.  They’re not prolonging Peralta and Santiago’s storyline and wearing it out.

Any scene of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” that involves Hitchcock and Scully is always hilarious.   Boyle seems like the odd one until these two walk into the room and make him look somewhat normal.  I’m pleased that there was a focus on them in “Jake and Sophia,” and I hope to see more of their hilarious antics throughout the rest of the season.

I loved that hilarious twist ending when we got to meet Gina and Boyle’s parents.  They both looked and acted just like their respective children.  I’m curious to see if Gina or Boyle comment on this next episode.  It would be extra funny if their parents start dating.

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