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Schmidt possesses some qualities of stereotypical gay men: he’s fashionable, clean, and sensitive.  He’s that one character who you might think is gay at first, but once you get to know him, you know that he definitely isn’t.  Most people have met a person like this in their life and can easily relate.  I found it hilarious to watch Ian get this impression of Schmidt; the fact that Nick kissed him didn’t help.  I’m glad that the creative team have finally addressed this aspect of Schmidt’s character.

The best scene in “Goldmine” was when Schmidt, Winston, and Coach visited the neighbors.  Schmidt was in the process of going through the depression stage of grief and made a large speech about Cece’s boobs while standing next to Coach and Winston.  The neighbors thought Schmidt was talking about his friends.  This was because of the great lines written by the writers and possibly improvised by Max Greenfield.  Two examples were “truth be told, one of them, one of them is slightly more brown than the other” and “you know what I’m going to miss most about them, watching them bounce, watching them bounce.”  I was in stitches.

In “Goldmine,” we met Ian when he and Jess were on a date together.  Immediately, the first thing I noticed was Ian’s wardrobe.  He wore a t-shirt and zip-up hoodie; it was as if he got his outfit straight from Nick’s closet.  The creative team didn’t draw attention to it, but I did take notice.  I wonder if their attempting to imply something.  Is Jess still not over Nick or am I just over-analyzing?

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