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Queer Eyes, Full Hearts, and Misinterpretations (SPOILERS)


The Pritchett family had a great plotline in “Queer Eyes, Full Hearts.”  I always love episodes that reveal how much Jay and Gloria love each other.  They’re not just married for money and looks as people may assume.  And it’s about time that Jay started taking Spanish lessons.  Their storyline was both funny and sentimental, and I greatly enjoyed it.

The best line in “Queer Eyes, Full Hearts” was Haley’s line when Claire confronted Haley about spending so much time with Andy.  Haley said, “Oh, mom, there’s nothing to worry about.  You know, it’s just sex.”  Just like Claire, my jaw dropped, but instead of feeling uncomfortable like Claire, I was just mad that the creators had been hiding this from us.  Right after Haley said this, she revealed to the audience that she was just lying.  I must applaud the writers for creating this line and presenting it so; it really got me just like it got Claire.

The writers for “Modern Family” excel at twisting the characters’ lines, creating hilarious interpretations and reactions.  One line in particular that stood out in “Queer Eyes, Full Hearts” was when Andy said, “I saw some stuff online, so I got a couple new things I want to try out,” right after Claire was told that he and Haley were having sex.  Claire had a much different interpretation of Andy’s comments than he had intended.  Another example was at the end of the episode when Cam spoke to the reporter.  He sniffled from tears and said, “Yes. I’m standing here, boldly abolishing gay stereotypes, but… my make-up’s running, isn’t it?”  It’s lines like these that make “Modern Family” one of the best comedies on television.

Luke was MIA in “Queer Eyes, Full Hearts,” which was just odd because the family members are usually present in every episode.  I wonder what Luke was up to while his parents worried about his sisters…

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