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He Has a Wife and Is a Lying, Cheating, Crazy (Possible) Murderer


I can’t believe we’re already one episode away from the mid-season finale.  The pacing of “How to Get Away with Murder” is very fast.  I didn’t think we’d get through those three months so quickly.  Already, the semester is coming to an end and finals are approaching.  I’m kind of disappointed that the semester is over… are they still going to be Professor Keating’s students when the show returns?

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Michaela.  She’s very pompous and a bit narcissistic.  But this episode, I sympathized with her.  We got to meet her “evil” future mother-in-law and see all the stress she puts on Michaela.  I pitied Michaela, disliking her future mother-in-law just as much as her.  Even though she puts up this confident front, Michaela still has insecurities and faces obstacles.

Throughout this season, we’ve had a build up of tension.  In “He Has a Wife,” the tension was about to boil over.  Now, we have practically caught up with the present time; we’re right before Sam’s murder.  “How to Get Away with Murder” is turning into a thriller.  As of right now, I am frightened of Sam.  He keeps lying and cheating, and I’m convinced that he killed Lila.  I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat during the winter finale.  And I just can’t wait!

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