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Old Scars and Empty Promises


In “Old Scars,” it was the anniversary of Jacob’s death.  Lucile said how she was still grieving even though Jacob returned.  She still had to experience the pain of loss and had to live through 32 years without her son.  The continuation of this grief is very realistic.  Even though the returned are back, no one can return to how things were before they died.  You can’t return to the past.  This was an interesting commentary on grief and time.

I am a bit confused with how “Resurrection” has been progressing so far this season.  I feel like it’s going in circles.  Last season ended with the government’s involvement in the returned, and the reveal that Agent Bellamy is related to the Thompsons.  I thought these two storylines would continue into this season, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Except for during the first episode of season two, the characters appear to be completely unconcerned about all the returned that were taken away.  Instead, we’re still stuck in Arcadia, Missouri, watching the Langston family drama unfold.  I feel like the creators don’t know where to direct the show.  We’re getting more and more questions presented and no answers.  We’re moving so slowly, there is almost nothing pulling me forward.  At least things are starting to tie together in regards to Margaret’s character.  We know that the returned have been around for a while and that some of Margaret’s “demons” have returned present day.  I hope the creators figure out where the show is heading, providing us with more direction.  And I hope that they provide a few answers and don’t leave compelling storylines unfinished.

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