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Over the Hump (SPOILERS)


Constantly, family members compete with one another.  They complain that the other is more attractive, smarter, more popular, etc.  In the case of “Awkward,” Jenna competes with her mother. Since season one, we’ve watched Jenna struggle with this.  Finally, in “Over the Hump,” Jenna verbalized what she’d been thinking after all these years.  “It’s like you’re competing with me.  I mean, you have a better body than me.  You’re more fun at parties than me.  You dress better,” she said to her mom, continuing with, “congratulations mom, you’re better than me at everything.”  This competitive aspect of Jenna and Lacey’s relationship is something that most people can relate to.  Humans are insecure and constantly compare themselves to others, especially those they are close to.

My favorite part of this episode was when Jenna read her mother’s personal statement for college.  It was both well written and sentimental (especially compared to the letter Lacey wrote to Jenna in season one).  But, Jenna didn’t completely forgive her mom.  When Lacey asked, “Does that mean you’re ok with-,” Jenna interrupted and said, “Nope, but at some point, I will be.”  This was a realistic response.  Too often, characters on TV shows forgive too easily.  And while forgiveness is a good thing; it’s very complicated.  While Jenna will get over her mother’s success someday, she didn’t completely change after reading the essay.

I enjoy every scene with Jenna and her father.  Jenna has a much different relationship with her father than with her mother, and it’s interesting to see them interact.   Jenna’s father gives the best advice.  I’d like to see him in more episodes.

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