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Big Baby Board Games


I LOVE board games, so I greatly enjoyed “Big Baby Ball.”  Seeing all the old board games caused me to reminisce.  In particular, I love how the episode featured “Mouse Trap,” a favorite of mine growing up.

Troy Gentile is perfect as Barry.  He always goes full out and never breaks character.  I don’t know how he doesn’t just start laughing at some of the crazy lines Barry says.  I don’t think anyone could pull off Barry’s character as well as Gentile does.

Mr. Meller was like a caricature.  He was completely obsessed with fitness.  And he was a stereotypical gym teacher- super intense, talking in sports analogies, and drinking protein shakes.  Mr. Meller talked, breathed, and thought fitness.  Because of this, he was unbelievable.  Mr. Meller was too over-the-top.

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