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Teachers (SPOILERS)


“Teachers” might be my favorite episode of “New Girl” yet!

First off, I’d like to applaud the creative team for coming up with the clever title.  Not only are Jess, Coach, and Ryan teachers and were at a teacher’s conference this episode, Nick was also a teacher, teaching Schmidt how to do laundry and Winston how to use a ruler (Really, Winston?  You don’t know how to use a ruler?).

Every scene with Ryan was made perfect with smart writing and hilarious scenarios.  It was entertaining to watch Jess struggle with ignoring her attraction to Ryan.  Especially when she realized that he was the perfect man for her.  I also love how Ryan did teach his dyslexic sister how to read just as Jess had predicted.  My favorite line in “Teachers” was when Jess said, “No!  Don’t do anything heroic right now,” as Ryan jumped in the pool to save drunk Coach.  Almost every girl can relate to what Jess was feeling.  It was comedy gold.

It was hard to wrap my brain around the fact that Nick taught Schmidt how to do laundry.  It was a funny storyline for boy’s night, but I would have expected Nick and Schmidt’s roles to be reversed.  Schmidt is the neat freak, and he dresses much nicer than Nick.  It was out of character for him to not know how to do laundry.

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