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The Sinkhole and the Death Napkin


Brick was the best part of “The Sinkhole.”  Through the years, we’ve seen Atticus Shaffer (who plays Brick) develop as an actor.  This episode, I loved all the facial expressions he brought to Brick’s character.  Most particularly, the faces Brick made as he tried to sneak around behind his father’s back, such as when he hid his father’s wallet in between two slices of bread.  His lips were pursed and his eyes wide.  It was hilarious.

We’ve finally seen the notorious “death napkin.”  My favorite scene of “The Sinkhole” was when the siblings argued over their inheritance.  I’m sure that almost every kid has brought up their parents’ will at least once in their childhood, but it’s something that’s usually never shown on TV or in movies.  Mostly because it usually isn’t important to the storyline.  “The Middle” continues to be both realistic and entertaining.

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