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Forgiving the Rogue (SPOILERS)


The bad guy in “Going Rogue” wasn’t a meta.  This was a large difference from the other episodes.  Instead, the most dangerous enemy came from within…  Cisco created a cold gun capable of stopping the Flash.  And the wrong guy just happened to get his hands on it.  Also, Captain Cold is the one bad guy who’s gotten away.  That just means it’s not the last of him…

Captain Cold has the most monotonous voice ever.  It bothered me, but at the same time, it made him extra cold.

The special effects in “Going Rogue” were really cool.  Two big action sequences were at the beginning of the episode when the Flash stopped the robbers and at the end of the episode when the Flash saved the victims on the train.  In both scenes, we saw the Flash slowed down to a speed in which we could see exactly what he was doing.  We saw him throw punches and save civilians.  I was impressed with the special effects especially with this being a TV show rather than a big blockbuster.

Usually, Barry is the only one who goes into the line of duty and deals with the metas first hand because he has his powers to protect him.  However, in “Going Rogue,” Cisco, Kaitlin, and Felicity made it into the field as well, crossing into the line of danger to save their friend.  This illustrated that Barry can’t make it by on his own and that Captain Cold is a serious threat.

Felicity and Barry’s dialogue in “Going Rogue” was hilarious.  Felicity kept getting flustered when speaking to Barry, yet he didn’t seem phased.  Two notable lines were when Felicity said, “I want to see it.  And by it, I mean your speed.  In case you thought I was talking about something else, which I was not,” and, “You should too- not go back to my hotel.  I mean get some sleep.”  Felicity said that she didn’t mean to imply anything, but obviously her head was in the gutter.  I can’t wait to see her in future episodes.

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