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Know Thyself, So We Can Learn More About Thou (SPOILERS)


In “Know Thyself,” Emma met two of Leo’s friends.  They went out to eat together, and Emma had to come face to face with her disease.  The creative team did a great job in illustrating Emma’s anxiety.  They showed clips of people eating, and Emma’s reaction as she fidgeted in her seat and her eyes constantly surveyed the scene.  Ciara Bravo, who plays Emma, performed flawlessly in portraying Emma’s anxiety.  It wasn’t over-the-top, but simple and powerful.  After being bombarded with questions from Leo’s friends, Emma struggled to explain herself.  I thought this was a great representation of someone suffering from such a disease.  I felt uncomfortable watching Emma and sympathized with her.  I couldn’t imagine how difficult and embarrassing it must be for her to admit that she has an illness.  Because of this scene, I gained a deeper understanding of Emma’s thoughts and fears, most particularly, how anorexia influences her daily life.

Octavia Spencer is not only an amazing actress, but this episode, she proved that she can sing too!  Spencer is extremely talented and brought more to Nurse Jackson’s character than I expected.  I wouldn’t mind if she sang more in upcoming episodes…

Sometimes, I find “Red Band Society” to be too superficial, focusing on the little things, such as love triangles and homecoming dances, instead of the fact that they’re all living in a hospital and suffering from serious diseases.  Hunter voiced what I’ve been thinking in regards to this.  “Because we aren’t normal kids.  This isn’t home.  We’re not here to fall in love or form secret societies that band together around a tough nurse with a heart of gold.  We’re here for one reason, and one reason only, to end up on that table,” he said.  In this way, the creative team let us know that they are aware of the superficial aspects of their show.

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