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Thanksgiving VI (SPOILERS)


Neil Flynn flawlessly portrays a reserved man, who loves his wife unconditionally.  Mike’s not sentimental, but every now and then, he expresses his love, whether that be by starting a snowball fight with his wife or his flirtatious grin when he makes her smile.  As much as Mike would hate to hear me say this, he and Frankie are truly adorable and definitely perfect for each other.

Devin Levin is unlike any female character we’ve seen before on “The Middle.”  She’s athletic, goofy, and attractive- the perfect match for Axl, and yet the one girl that doesn’t seem interested in him.  Of course, the two characters had great chemistry, and I enjoyed seeing them interact, whether it be when Devin changed in Axl’s car or when they played silly games at the dinner table.  I’m curious to see how and if their relationship progresses in future episodes.

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