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Three Turkeys: An Extra Thankful Thanksgiving (SPOILERS)


This episode was titled “Three Turkeys” for the fact that the family had three separate turkeys prepared for thanksgiving.  And this mix-up was cleverly done.  The three turkey scenarios were hilarious and added chaos to the episode.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching how confused the family became when they discovered there were three turkeys, especially Phil’s confusion when he thought the turkey he had prepared had shrunk.

Finally, we were able to see a positive storyline for Alex this season.  Her character had been bringing down the mood of the show with her grumpiness, but in “Three Turkeys,” Alex loosened up and bonded with her mother.  Alex has always been singled as the odd-one-out in her family, but as this episode illustrated, Alex shares more similarities with her family members than they thought.  In “Three Turkeys,” Alex and Claire bonded over the fact that they’re the serious ones in the family, opposite of Phil and Luke who are always having fun and getting into trouble.  Instead, Alex and Claire were the duo with the diabolical plan.

Manny, Manny, Manny… can’t keep his hands to himself, can he?  It was hilarious to watch his interactions with Haley.  Something like this was bound to happen between the two of them, especially since Manny used to have a crush on Haley.  While neither of these two characters were central to the main plotline of the episode, they still had a great storyline and subplot that added to the humor of the show.

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