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Bangs-giving (SPOILERS)


The most adorable scene in “Thanksgiving IV” was when Cece and Schmidt played the board game at the end of the episode.  Nick and Tran brought the game to “Bangs-giving,” and Schmidt gave Nick a hard time about it.  Ironically, Schmidt ended up being the one to play the game.  I was pleased that the writers referenced back to the board game at the end of the episode.

The best dialogue in “Thanksgiving IV” was between Jess and Ryan when Jess showed up to Ryan’s house to apologize for her behavior.  She brought a pie (or lack there of), and while she apologized, the dialogue was laced with references to the pie.  For example, Jess said, “I came here to say something and that is: I want more too,” and Ryan replied, “this dish is empty.”  The pie kept distracting them from the matter at hand.  This scene was well written and hysterical.

Coach’s date, Pepper, was perfect for him.  It was entertaining to watch him struggle with the fact that his date was stronger than him.  I’m glad that Coach got over himself, and he eventually hooked up with Pepper.  The directors were very clever in showing the scene where Coach and Pepper did push-ups on his bed.  We heard grunting noses as Coach’s bed slowly came into view.  The creators had us assuming something else, but instead, we saw the couple doing push-ups.  It was deceiving and hilarious.

I was delighted to find out that Nick invited Tran to “Bangs-giving.”  He’s one of my favorite characters, and we had yet to see him this season.  And I’m super curious to see if Nick might have a future romance with Tran’s granddaughter.

My one criticism… Don’t the roommates have families to spend Thanksgiving with?  I’ve wondered this every year.  We all know that all of them have families, and Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family holidays in the country.  Yet, every year, the roommates and Cece ditch their families and celebrate the holiday with the same people they see every day.  (The one exception to this was in season 2 when Jess’s parents spent Thanksgiving at the loft.)  Also, how were the roommates able to find so many singles who just happened to not have any Thanksgiving plans?  While the “New Girl” Thanksgiving episodes are always entertaining, they aren’t completely realistic.

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