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It’s All About the WILL to Live (SPOILERS)


After holding out for about twelve episodes, the creators are finally giving us some answers about the returned.  In “Will,” we learned why the returned disappear.  Margaret informed us that, “Life is a choice, [Agent Bellamy], for the living and the returned as well,” and we even watched her convince Barbara to disappear.  I wonder if this provides some insight into why certain people have returned in the first place.

Finally, mopy Fred was happy in “Will.”  It was refreshing to see him smiling and upbeat.  We’ll see how long that lasts though now that Barbara is gone.

Why didn’t Agent Bellamy go to the clinic when he started getting sick?  He knew that the illness was severe.  He was also about to tell Maggie his big secret, but Bellamy just decided to ignore his health and help the others, which he won’t be able to do if he’s dead.  Why would he be so stupid?  The ending to “Will” bothered me for this reason.

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