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An 80s Thanksgiving (SPOILERS)


“A Goldberg Thanksgiving” was the first episode of “The Goldbergs” in which Adam’s storyline focused on his relationship with his father.  Murray is a sports fanatic who doesn’t understand Adam’s interest in video games.  After Murray began to grow jealous of Adam and Marvin’s bond, he decided to try out Adam’s video games in order to understand his son more.  It was a sweet and sentimental storyline.

In almost every episode of “The Goldbergs,” the creators incorporate technology from the 80s.  “A Goldberg Thanksgiving” had a focus on video games, so we got to see a lot of old technology, such as Atari, Intellivision, and the original Nintendo. “Look at those graphics; I’ll never get bored of this, ever,” Adam said as his played his Atari.  When Marvin showed up, he presented the kids with pagers as gifts and they were very impressed, most particularly Barry.  I always get a kick out of watching the characters’ fascination with the 80s technology.  I can only begin to imagine what they’d think of technology today.

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