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In “Lockdown,” the detectives spent Thanksgiving trapped in the precinct.  Though, they weren’t alone; they were also accompanied by an assortment of other individuals who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Boyle and Peralta categorized the different people for us.  According to Boyle, they were “locked down with forty-two civilians divided into four factions.”  There were the Dirty Dozen: “twelve perps locked up in holding;” the Normies: “the innocent people” who just got stuck there, such as witnesses and food delivery guys; the Don Meisters: the suspects and snitches; and the Vegetable Medley (because that’s the grossest thing Peralta could think of): the lawyers.  The titles and descriptions of each “faction” were amusing, and the scene in which Peralta named them was one of my favorite parts of “Lockdown.”

The best dialogue in “Lockdown” was when Captain Holt read his text messages from Peralta to Terry.  He mentioned that Peralta kept sending him “box with a question mark” and asked Terry what that meant.  Terry responded with, “It means you don’t have emojis on your phone.”  I couldn’t stop laughing after this.  Holt is super serious, expresses no emotion, and speaks in a monotonous tone, so to watch his confusion over emoji’s was absolutely hysterical.  If this had happened to any other character, it would not have been nearly as funny.

In each episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” the creators like to draw attention to Terry’s fit figure.  In “Lockdown,” we saw Terry eat four sandwiches and a full pie all by himself.  It was hilarious, fascinating, and kind of frightening.  How does he fit all that food inside him?

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