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Horrible Bosses 2: Double the Trouble (SPOILERS)


“Horrible Bosses 2” was absolutely hilarious.  There were some moments that had me in pain from laughing too hard.  It’s the exact same humor from the first film, so if you enjoyed that, you’re sure to enjoy it the second time around.  Some key scenes in “Horrible Bosses 2” were when Nick, Kurt, and Dale demonstrated how to use the “Shower Buddy” on tv, when Dale wrote with the sharpie on the white board (twice!), and when Nick, Kurt, and Dale attempted to speak in southern accents.  Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis are a perfect comedy trio.

Chris Pine’s performance in “Horrible Bosses 2” was a pleasant surprise.  We’re used to seeing him play the handsome, but cocky love interest or the overconfident action hero.  However, in “Horrible Bosses 2,” Pine was on par with his successful comedic scene partners.  He kept up with the humor and brought his own twist to it.  Pine was perfect as the twisted and emotional criminal.  In this role, Pine illustrated his versatility.  He can keep up with some of comedy’s greats.

Throughout “Horrible Bosses 2,” there were tons of references to the first film, such as the line “bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states” and the tape recorder.  They were like inside jokes that one wouldn’t completely appreciate if he/she hadn’t watched the original, but it made the film feel more personal.

We’ve recently been running into the habit of re-watching comedies through their sequels.  Fortunately, “Horrible Bosses 2” did not follow the same formula as the first one.  While the sequel had similar humor and basic plot as the original film, it was not an exact duplication.  “Horrible Bosses 2” had its own unique plot structure, a new super objective, and only about one and a half (that’s the best way to describe it) enemies rather than three.  “Horrible Bosses 2” had a similar concept from the first film, but it was different enough to stand on its own.

While “Horrible Bosses” ended happily- each character getting rid of their bosses (or in the case of Dale- blackmailing his boss), “Horrible Bosses 2” did not end quite so perfectly.  In fact, the trio were worse off at the ending of this film than the beginning.  They should have just stayed at their other jobs where their crazy bosses no longer troubled them instead of going through the whole process of the second film.

“Horrible Bosses 2” was thoroughly entertaining.  Was it necessary?  No, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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