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Sprang Break, Part 2: The End? (SPOILERS)


“Sprang Break, Part 2” was filled with bomb shells.  One of which was when Jake and Gabby slept together.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around this for several reasons.  1) This is completely out of character for Jake.  Yes, he was drunk, but Jake would never betray his best friend.  2) Didn’t Gabby say she was waiting and wanted to take things slow?  I just wouldn’t expect her to randomly lose it to her boyfriend’s best friend.  Unlike Jake, she wasn’t even drunk.  This storyline didn’t make sense to me and was obviously just added in the episode to create drama going into season five.

Recently, I have been unimpressed with Molly Tarlov’s (who plays Sadie) acting.  In “Sprang Break, Part 2,” Sadie was extra spiteful because she was trying to conceal her concern about leaving Sergio when she goes to college.  Sergio is Sadie’s first serious boyfriend, and Sadie was finally starting to break down and face her insecurities.  The scene when Sadie revealed her feelings to Sergio had the potential to be one of the best scenes of “Awkward.”   It should have been real and powerful, but instead, Tarlov’s performance felt forced and lacked any emotion.  I could tell it was scripted.  In fact, Tarlov’s acting made this supposed touching scene uncomfortable to watch.

“Sprang Break, Part 2” ended suddenly.  Jake had just slept with Gabby, and was about to tell Matty, and Matty realized that Jenna may be his soul mate.  The episode ended with Matty saying, “I had my chance,” and then the screen went black.  It was unsatisfying.  There was no true ending, for nothing was resolved.  Everyone was still in Mexico, and almost everyone’s storyline ended with a cliffhanger.  I have absolutely no idea where the show is going to pick up next season.  Graduation hasn’t happened yet, and we don’t know where everyone is going to college.  So, will season five start the first day of freshman year of college?  Or will the writers draw out senior year more, having season five be about the last few weeks of senior year and the gang’s last summer together?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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