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The Flash is Born (SPOILERS)


I’m glad that Barry and Eddie bonded this episode.  Just like Barry, I wasn’t very fond of Eddie.  He just seemed too perfect (successful, attractive, manly), and he took Barry’s girl.  This episode, we actually got to know Eddie.  In fact, we found out that just like Barry, Eddie was bullied as a child.  He wasn’t always so lucky.  Following suit, I began to like Eddie just as Barry began to open up to him.  Both Grant Gustin and the creative team did a great job in setting up this storyline and forcing me to sympathize with Barry so that I experienced his transformation alongside him.

Cisco is one of my favorite characters.  His excitement is infectious.  I always relish being able to relate to characters in tv shows, especially when it involves fangirling over a superhero and his amazing powers.

Finally, the cycle has been broken, and there was an episode of “The Flash” that didn’t end with a side story about Dr. Wells (unless Dr. Wells killed Barry’s mother, which is probably the case…).  Anyways, at the end of “The Flash is Born,” the “yellow streak” made an appearance.  He stole all of Joe’s files on Barry’s father’s case and threatened to harm Iris.  It was an intense ending, and I remembered thinking, “Joe should call the police,” and then, I was like, “oh wait, he is the police,” dun dun DUN!  This raised the stakes of the show and made me eager for the next episode.

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