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Maggie’s Affliction (SPOILERS)


Finally, the creators of “Resurrection” are providing us with some answers.  In “Will,” we found out why the returned disappeared.  This episode, we found out that Agent Bellamy is twice returned… Does this mean that the returned age once they come back?… The creators also confirmed that Bellamy is indeed the son of the Thompson’s, and he was born in Arcadia.

And finally, Maggie is expressing some emotion.  Over the past thirteen episodes, we’ve watched her be a super girl, sacrificing all her time and energy to help the returned.  It seems like all she does is work.  Personally, I found Maggie to be a little dry- she just seemed too perfect.  But this episode, she broke down, finally reacting to all the stress she’s been under.  This made Maggie seem less like a superhero and more human.  She’s a determined and selfless human.

The cinematography during the scene when Henry and Jacob visited the old factory was beautiful.  The camera caught a shot of them standing in the middle of the abandoned factory, their bodies silhouetted against the background.  This striking image added a layer of darkness to the already eerie atmosphere.

In “Afflictions,” we saw a few of “the government woman’s” flashbacks (have we been given her name yet?).  We saw her as a young girl amongst airplane debris.  Unfortunately, these flashbacks didn’t make sense to me.  For one thing, “the government woman” has never been a prominent character.  We don’t know much about her and definitely don’t understand her intentions.  Personally, I don’t care for her at all and would rather spend time focused on other characters.  Along with that, the flashbacks themselves were confusing.  We weren’t given enough context, and they just opened up a whole new can of worms.  I didn’t understand why these flashbacks were being presented to us, and it was frustrating.  But now that I’m curious… I hope the creators reference back to them in future episodes (I mean, why else would they have been included them in this episode?), and I hope they provide more context next time.

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