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Punches, Emojis, and Breast Pumps, Oh My! (SPOILERS)


In “Girl Fight,” it was entertaining to see the differences between male and female fights.  The guys punched each other while the girls showered each other with compliments (which the boys couldn’t even begin to understand).  What made this hilarious is that it can be so true at times.  I’ve totally experienced fights like this myself.  My absolute favorite part of Jess and Cece’s fight was when it transpired via emojis.  (If the boys weren’t confused before, they definitely were now.)  By doing this, the creators illustrated that emojis have turned into a form of communication.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.

The baby shower fight scene in “Girl Fight” was filmed differently from most “New Girl” scenes.  Usually in each shot, the camera doesn’t move.  It holds still and steady as the characters move.  In contrast, during the fight scene, each shot had lots of motion.  The camera moved, following the course of the fight.  This made me feel like I was a part of the action, right in the middle of the chaos.

In “Girl Fight,” were the creators hinting that Winston might not become a cop?  He was a horrible detective when it came to investigating Tran’s granddaughter.  He also got easily distracted throughout the entire episode.  Did he ever get around to studying?  Winston has been looking for a steady job for a while, and I was really hoping this one would work out for him…

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