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Alex’s Boyfriends Are Strangers in the Night (SPOILERS)


A central part of “Strangers in the Night” was the white couch- Mitch and Cam’s new white couch to be precise.  I was on the edge of my seat worried that Mitch and Cam’s house guest was going to ruin their new couch.  Only the brilliant team behind “Modern Family” could make me that emotionally invested in a couch.

It was a clever twist at the end of the episode when we found out that Manny had played Jay just as Jay played Gloria.  Manny just wanted to have the house to himself so he could watch his classic movies.  What I thought was a touching lesson turned out to be a sneaky betrayal.  It was unpredictable.  I was played just as Jay was.

Alex’s storyline in “Strangers in the Night” was perfect.  She had a boyfriend, but everyone was convinced that she was making it up.  For one thing, he was a model and his name was Alec.  Also, he broke up with Alex right before her parents asked to meet him.  Coincidence?  The rest of the family didn’t think so.  It got even funnier when Alex said she was talking to a new guy, and everything she described about him referenced something in her room: a Teddy bear, keys, a poster of Martin Luther King…  Once again, Alex’s family didn’t believe her.  The writers were clever in crafting this storyline.  I can’t even do it justice when trying to describe the mastermind writing.  It was top-notch.

At the end of the episode, Alex’s secret admirer, who had been sending her white roses, showed up at the door.  It was Teddy, the kid from juvie… Let’s stop right there- Alex, who constantly insults people like Teddy, and throughout the course of the show has criticized Haley’s choice in men, especially those who have a criminal record, is dating a guy from juvie… Something doesn’t make sense here. This was completely out of character for Alex.

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