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I Rode a Homemade Hoverboard!


One of the best scenes in “I Rode a Hoverboard!” was when Erica filmed Adam riding on his homemade hoverboard.  Adam clearly had a rope holding him up, but I must say, I was still impressed with their effort.  It looked far more realistic than any home video I would have attempted.

In “I Rode a Hoverboard!,” Adam lied to his best friend, Emmy about his accident and had to deal with the guilt.  Adam and Emmy mentioned that they were even closer than friends; they were like siblings.  Well, we’ve watched thirty episodes of “The Goldbergs” and have never seen Emmy before.  So are they really that close?  Is she really that important?  Don’t get me wrong, I liked their relationship, but Emmy’s introduction this late in the show just seemed random.

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