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LAXmas: There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays


The title “LAXmas” is simple, yet clever.  It perfectly describes the setting of the episode in both space and time.  And we all know that airports are the last place anyone wants to be during the holiday season, so “LAXmas” was sure to be a good time.

“LAXmas” might be my favorite episode of “New Girl” yet.  It was both touching and entertaining.  And all the characters had a decent storyline.  In particular, Schmidt and Cece had a very cute storyline, especially when the two of them were goofing off on the plane like little kids.

Billy Eichner was a great guest on “New Girl.”  I’ve always found him entertaining, and he had great chemistry with Zooey Deschanel.  I hope he makes another appearance in the future.  Maybe Barry and Jess can actually hang out sometime.

When Jess received the picture of Ryan and his family in front of his house/castle, it was totally obvious that the picture was photoshopped.  I could tell that his family really wasn’t there.  I even began questioning if Ryan was lying to Jess.  Photoshoping is so easy to do nowadays, “New Girl” could’ve done much better.

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