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USPIS: The Crown Jewel of the Law Enforcement System


Boyle and Peralta have some of the best buddy-buddy chemistry I’ve seen on TV.  Peralta is the “cool” leader, and Boyle is his weird sidekick.  But what I love about their relationship is that Peralta accepts Boyle and all his weirdness (Peralta isn’t as “cool” as he thinks he is anyways).  “USPIS” was filled with great lines between the best friend duo.  A prime example was when Peralta commented on Jack Danger’s last name and said, “Wow that name is a Ba-Dass.”  Boyle responded, “Code for badass.”  Another example was when Peralta told Boyle to explain to Jack Danger what a fax machine was and Boyle said, “Imagine a letter had unprotected sex with a phone.”

One of the main storylines in “USPIS” was about Santiago’s attempt to quit her smoking addiction.  Wait, you didn’t know that Santiago was a smoker?  Neither did I.  And I would have been totally fine with it if there was evidence of Santiago’s addiction prior to the episode.  Someone doesn’t become an addict over night.  It would have been more appropriate if Santiago had an addiction to something else, like caffeine, or if she had a weird habit.

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