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Do You Believe in Miracles? (SPOILERS)


The creators raised the stakes in “Miracles.”  Recently, the characters have been concerned with the virus that the returned have been contracting.  This episode, the virus passed to a non-returned, Ray.  This increased the threat the returned may have on the living.

A large focus in “Miracles” was on the anti-returned group, True Living.  Since day one, we’ve seen that most people don’t trust the returned, thinking that they’re a curse rather than a gift.  However, it has taken several weeks for an actual organized group to form.  It’s about time that the creators focused on this tension.

“Miracles” opened with Rachael and Margaret sharing the same dream/memory.  In the dream, both of them travelled to the past to the factory fire that killed Brian Addison’s grandfather.  This type of “dream sharing” is something we’ve never seen before between the returned, so it was a bit random.  I hope the creators explain this phenomenon in order for me to be able to suspend my disbelief.  Why did this only occur between Rachael and Margaret?  Will it happen again?  And why did it happen in the first place?  What does this all mean?

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