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The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet


I always enjoy episodes of “The Goldbergs” when Murray tries to be the best dad he can be.  He may not be good at expressing emotions, but he loves his kids.  In “The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet,” we saw where Murray gets a lot of his habits and mannerisms- Pop-Pop.  But we also learned that he wants to be a far different father than his dad.  I always enjoy the touching storylines with Murray.

Going back to the 80s, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” was one of the biggest movies of the decade, and is now one of the greatest films ever made.  I loved how there was a focus on it in “The Most Handsome Boy of the Planet.”  More importantly, I can’t believe Pop-Pop sided with the FBI Agents… “who does that?”

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