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The Road Trip


In “The Road Trip,” along with the previous episode, “USPIS,” Gina and Terry’s storylines were intertwined.  This episode, Gina and Terry attempted to make Rosa feel better.  Chelsea Peretti (who plays Gina) and Terry Crews (who plays Terry- DUH) have great chemistry.  I hope to see them interact more in upcoming episodes.

“The Road Trip” is the first episode we’ve seen Captain Holt and Boyle interact together.  Even Boyle commented on this saying, “I’ve wanted to build a rapport with him since he got here, but until now, all we’ve had in common was our bank.”  It was hilarious to see the sharp contrast between animated Boyle and expressionless Holt.  This episode, Holt was extra monotonous and extra funny.

I didn’t understand “The Room With a Thousand Dolls.”  What hotel would fill a room (bed, closets, and all) with creepy porcelain dolls and marionettes?  Do they want to continue to have customers?  It was completely unrealistic and was absolutely unnecessary.  All I can say is… Why?… Just why?

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