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Why Did We Get Here? (SPOILERS)


Emma and Leo’s storylines paralleled one another in “How Did We Get Here?”  Both characters had the possibility of going home and thought about their relationship together outside of the hospital.  While Emma was the least improved of the two, she was the only one allowed to go home.  What does this mean for “Lemma?”

In “Red Band Society,” Emma is the one patient hospitalized for mental illness, which I find very interesting since mental illness is a popular topic today.  In “How Did We Get Here?,” Leo admitted that he had difficulty understanding Emma’s disease.  In regards to this interaction between Emma and Leo, people can easily relate to one or both sides of the situation.

The best dialogue in “Red Band Society” is that always that between Emma and Kara.  They are the only two girls in the red band society, but they have opposite personalities.  They constantly challenge one another, forcing each other to face her flaws.  When they get into arguments, neither of them are right or wrong; they’re just brutally honest.  The dialogue that stood out in “How Did We Get Here?” was when Kara asked Emma for condoms.  Emma criticized Kara for her promiscuity, and Kara criticized Emma for not being completely honest with her boyfriend.  This argument ended up having significant influence on both characters.

What I like about “Red Band Society” is that a lot of the characters think differently than I do, causing me to be more open minded.  For example, in this episode, Jordi had an optimistic approach to his situation by believing that everything happens for a reason.  He thought that maybe the reason he got cancer was to be in this hospital at the same time as Delaney Shaw and that his big break would finally come.  Jordi’s dream is to be a musician.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as well as Jordi had hoped, but I’m still optimistic for him.  Maybe this is all happening to him for a reason, and he just doesn’t know what that is yet.

Jordi is the ultimate cockblock.  I thought it was hilarious that everytime Dash was about to get it on with Delaney, Jordi would enter the room and interrupt.  And Delaney was far more interested in Jordi than Dash.  Poor Dash; maybe next time, buddy.

Aptly named, “How Did We Get Here?” started as a flash forward.  We were shown images of Dr. McAndrews with a black eye, Kara lying on top of an elderly patient, Leo’s leg on fire, and Jordi and Dash snuggled up with an attractive young woman.  Whenever a writer or director decides to make a decision like this, he/she needs to make it for good reason.  Unfortunately, the flash forward was not the right approach.  It did make me curious about how the characters got to these predicaments, but once we finally learned the stories leading up, those moments weren’t as important as the flash forward implied.  Leo’s burning foot had no significance to his dilemma with Emma.  Kara straddling the old man had no importance compared to her romantic feelings towards Hunter.  The only one that made sense was Dr. McAndrews since his storyline was about his lack of commitment in relationships which inadvertently caused his black eye.  The flash forward in the beginning of the episode was not necessary.

I did not understand the character of Delaney Shaw.  She just seemed all over the place in more ways than one.  It was like she was two different people- on one hand, she was a troubled pop star who succumbed to drugs.  On the other hand, she was sentimental, philosophical, and very self aware.  She knew that Jordi would be competition to her because of how much more put together he was.  So why doesn’t she change?  I know it’s easier said than done; however; Delaney just didn’t seem to have a set personality (which could just be contributing to her overall problem as well), but I just found it all too confusing.

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