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Flash vs. Arrow (SPOILERS)


“Flash vs. Arrow” had a theme.  It was all centered around emotions.  The episode opened with Barry reciting a monologue about emotions.  There were some great lines in that monologue, such as, “We think of our emotions like they’re this unique personal phenomenon.  That no one has ever felt the way that you felt.”  I related so well to this quote, and it made me think.  Continuing the theme, the meta in “Flash vs. Arrow” was one who could make people angry with his glowing red eyes.  It was clever that the writers used this theme throughout.

The Arrow had an amazing entrance in “Flash vs. Arrow.”  And I wasn’t expecting it either.  The Flash was struggling to protect his co-workers from Roy G. Bivolo when two arrows whizzed by and stopped the rage possessed cop from harming his partners.  Ta da!  The Arrow appeared, and he saved the day!

“Flash vs. Arrow” had impressive special effects.  One notable example was when the Flash blocked the bullet from hitting an innocent man in the bank riot.  These effects were successful due to the combined use of camera angles and CGI.

A funny scene in “Flash vs. Arrow” was when the boomerang went rogue in S.T.A.R. Labs.  Barry was talking to Dr. Wells and Joe when suddenly, Caitlin screamed and ran around the room with her arms flailing.  It was hysterical.

Ronnie!  He’s back!  He totally didn’t die!  He’s a meta!  This was a great way to end “Flash vs. Arrow.”  It was such a big reveal, and made me eager for the next episode.

The two episode special ended with the Flash and the Arrow battling one another to see who would win in a fight.  Of course, the creators withheld that result, but I’m glad they did.  This means that they’ll just have to battle again.  There’s definitely more crossover episodes on the horizon.

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