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The Unforsaken (SPOILERS)


“Forsaken” was the best episode of season two yet.  It was exciting, and some plotlines finally started to progress.

“Forsaken” had a great opening scene.  Lucile was washing the red vandalized paint off her door.  The camera zoomed in on the paint, watching it drip down the door like blood.  It was fascinating and casted a violent and eerie atmosphere on the episode.

In “Forsaken,” Agent Bellamy broke his silence and publicly revealed that he is a returned.  He used this information as a tactic to threaten and scare the members of “True Living,” but it also caught Fred off guard.  I have never seen Bellamy so intense before, and it was badass.

Finally, we have some closure on the whole Tom and Rachael scenario.  Previously, Tom decided to stay with his wife, Janine, instead of his returned first love.  But it was obvious that there was still some sexual tension between Tom and Rachael.  I mean, she is carrying his child (or supposedly it’s his).  In “Forsaken,” Tom revealed that he loves Rachael.  One of the many questions on “Resurrection” has been answered.  Hopefully, there’s more answers to come.

“Forsaken” ended with a jaw dropping event.  Tom was hit by a car.  Carl was the driver- he had just thrown tier gas into Tom’s church.  After being hit, Tom lied on the ground lifeless.  I was stunned when he appeared dead before my eyes.  He literally just told Rachael he loved her.  I was upset at first, but then I remembered this is “Resurrection,” and Tom will probably just return next episode.

It’s about time that the returned have been brought to a real hospital.  Some of them have been so sick, they needed ER service, not just a general practitioner.  The biggest case against this was the threat of the government.  This shouldn’t have been a concern anymore because the government is already involved (and barely involved, at that).  In “Forsaken,” Rachael and Ray were brought to an actual hospital.  And the staff didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that Rachael was returned.  They all probably know about the returned anyways.  So, let me get this straight, there’s been a nearby hospital this whole time, and they’ve never used it until now?  “Resurrection” has many inconsistencies, and this is just one example.

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