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Sharks, Dolphins, and British Bulldogs


Ryan was adorable in “Shark,” and he and Jess’ interactions were even more precious.  I loved that Jess called Ryan her “little sleeping British bulldog.”  Ryan and Jess are perfect for each other, and that was evident when Ryan helped Jess with her skit for the city council meeting.  It was entertaining to hear Ryan speak with an American accent, trying to be a tough guy.  Side note: I didn’t mind seeing Ryan strip down after drinking too much wine.

Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Nick, and Winston are such a great group of friends.  I loved how obnoxious they were at Winston’s ceremony.  They love and support each other so much that they don’t care what others think.  Their friendship is why this show works.

Am I the only one who doesn’t like outside Dave?  He was funny in the first two episodes he appeared in, but now, I just find him annoying.  He’s gross and makes me feel uncomfortable.  And he takes time and attention away from the characters who truly matter.

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