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What I Didn’t Do for Love (SPOILERS)


“What I Did for Love” ended with tons of cliffhangers: Kara and Leo were about to go all the way; Emma lied unconscious on her bathroom floor; Hunter just went under for his liver transplant; and Jordi decided to start dealing pain meds.  So much happened and was about to happen, but we have to wait until “Red Band Society” returns.  Am I the only one who thinks there might be too many things on the line to have to wait?

Dave Annable is a very convincing douchebag.  He was perfectly cast as Dr. McAndrews.  I constantly forget that he is an actor.  What stuck out in “What I Did for Love” was when he snapped at Brittany.  He said, “Brittany, snap out of it…If I hurt your feelings for if I misled you in any way, I apologize, but this is a hospital and children are sick.  So whatever’s going on in our personal life, it seems pretty ridiculous by comparison, right?  So either get over it, or get out.”  I believed that he meant everything he said.  I definitely wouldn’t want to be in Brittany’s shoes.

I also thought that Marin Hinkle’s (who plays Emma’s mother) acting was superb.  Emma’s mother’s response to Emma’s disease was brutally honest and realistic.  I was able to believe that her mother had good intentions, and I understood where she was coming from.  She had some great lines that illustrated this, such as, “I don’t know what’s best for you Emma; I’m going to need your help.”  Hinkle’s performance showed the pain, confusion, and hope Emma’s mother was feeling.

I had a hard time believing that Charlie was still paralyzed.  Even though he wasn’t moving, his body just seemed to buzz with life.  It’s difficult to act totally motionless, and Griffin Gluck (who plays Charlie) definitely struggled with this.  At one point, I thought I even saw his finger twitch.

What was up with Alexa, the girl trying to buy pain meds from Jordi?  First of all, how did she even get into the patient wards?  Doesn’t she need to be on a list or something?  Also, she was way too extreme.  I have never met a teenage girl who would completely throw herself at a person like that.  It was over the top.

The storyline between Nurse Jackson and Dr. Naday was strange.  I felt like I was watching two awkward high schoolers attempt to flirt, but even more of a train wreck.  Nurse Jackson and Dr. Naday were so nervous around each other, it was uncomfortable to watch.  And their lines made me gag.  Some sickening examples were when Dr. Naday said, “Well for instance, asking someone out for dinner should be easy just as moving a finger should be easy, except when it’s not,” and when Jackson offered to cook for him and Dr. Naday said “I loved to,” immediately interrupting her.  I’ve never seen people flirt so badly before.

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