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Agent Carter Premiere Event (SPOILERS)


Personally, I am fascinated by the 1940s.  I love the fashion and pop culture of that time.  So I love how “Agent Carter” explores that time period.

My favorite part of “Bridge and Tunnel” was the radio show.  Throughout the episode, we’d catch glimpses and snippets of “The Captain American Adventure Program,” which bothered Peggy Carter to no end.  Radio was a primary form of entertainment in the 1940s, so of course, I was fascinated by it.  I loved seeing all the sound effects they used: whistles, raw meat, lobsters, and boxes.  It was hilarious.  Also, they worked it in beautifully with Carter’s actual fight scene.

Superhero movies and TV shows nowadays are filled with technology, whether it be the futuristic gadgets they use or the evil robots they battle.  “Agent Carter” is different from most Marvel movies/shows since it takes place in the 1940s; the technology of that time was far more primitive than that of today.  I always have difficulty imagining a world without computers or cell phones, but that is daily life for Carter.  It was funny to see Mr. Jarvis have to flip through a notebook to get information on a weapon rather than use a computer.  It made me appreciate how hard these people worked back then.  This lack of technology also made all the stunts in “Agent Carter” seem more impressive, such as when Carter used perfume to defuse a bomb.

Agent Carter is more like James Bond than a superhero.  She has some awesome “high-tech” (for the time) gadgets.  I’m a fan of the watch that can decode safes.  Carter also had some killer lipstick.

When we met Mr. Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler, I immediately realized the connection.  Iron Man’s computer system is named Jarvis.  We finally have the origin story, and it made me feel so clever to find this out.

I liked the way director, Joe Russo chose to shoot the scene when Sasha Demidov, the mute killer, stabbed a man’s hand.  He then killed the man.  As Sasha left the room, the camera slowly rose towards the ceiling, giving us a birdseye view.  We watched Sasha’s path out of the room, and all that Sasha had done was slowly revealed.  Sasha stepped over a dead woman’s body on the floor before leaving the room for good.  This approach was suspenseful and worked well with the reveal.

Oh, how I’ve missed Chad Michael Murray, the heart-throb of the early 2000s.  I haven’t seen him in a film or TV show in a quite while, so I was excited when I heard that he was going to be on this high-profile Marvel series.  And I must say, Chad Michael Murray looks as sexy as ever.

There is a lot going on in “Agent Carter”…  Carter is dealing with the gender shift in the workforce when men returned from World War II.  The Strategic Scientific Reserve is on a mission to arrest Howard Stark because they believe he is selling weapons to the enemies of the United States.  Carter is trying to clear Stark’s name and catch the actual criminals.  These criminals are making and selling Stark’s deadly weapons.  And then, there’s creepy mute man killing people involved with these weapons.  There’s just a lot going on, and it’s hard for me to figure out who’s on whose side.  I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on or why it’s happening.

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